Amotic Technology
Amotic metal parts surface finish workshop

Over the years, "Amotic Technology" has been committed to continuously improve the quality of surface treatment for metal parts,especially in aluminum and magnesium alloy, through polishing processes to make metal parts shiny. 

There are three polishing methods: chemical polishing, electroplating,and mechanical polishing.

If doing mechanical polishing first and then followed by chemical polishing or electroplating, the finish can reach both shiny and bright. The finish on high-purity aluminum-magnesium alloy can even become mirror bright. On top of the above processes, adding regular anodizing or hard anodizing can make brightness and shininess last for a long period of time. If needed, various colors can be added afterwards such as red, yellow,blue, black, etc. 


1.Anodizing – creating an oxidation film on aluminum surface, which can effectively improve the protection of aluminum. The oxidation film is not conductive and is not suitable for applications requiring electrical conduction.

2.Electronically conductive anodizing (chromatic conversion coating) - for both protective and conductive finishes.

3.Coating with an organic protective layer (paint, spray, etc.) - for external protection and decoration of equipment, usually after anodizing.

There are other preparation treatments prior to surface finishing, such as polishing (mechanical, electrochemical, and chemical) and sand blasting that both can enhance the surface treatment and provide the best surface finish for the customer"s high-end products.