Amotic Technology
Switzerland Client Visiting for Blender Motor
"Amotic Technology" had a group of honorable guests, Mr. Urs and his son Alberto accompanied by their engineer Alfred, visiting our factory on May 8th, 2016. 

Mr. Urs came visited us this time for a project of their blender motors. As a family- owned kitchen equipment manufacturer over 70 years in Switzerland, the company of Mr. Urs has very high standards when it comes to quality, just like all other Swiss products. Their kitchen equipment have been used by many local high-end hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs in Europe where the requirements of product functionality and durability are exceptionally high, which directly relates to their company’s reputation.

On behalf of the company, Mr. Wang, the owner of "Amotic  Technology", sincerely welcomed and greeted the group of Mr. Urs with hospitality, hopefulness, and zeal. Also, "Amotic Technology", as a manufacturer of motors, would like to have a long-term plan to continue providing the company of Mr. Urs with professional high-quality products as well as design support and service for the related products other than motors.

During the visit, Mr. Wang gave a factory tour to show Mr. Urs the production lines and randomly introduced motor models made for some of the well-known brands worldwide.

Before the Chinese New Year of 2016, Mr. Urs requested "Amotic Technology" to go through all project stages in a short period of time, including developing blender and Mixer motor design, opening mold, making production batch, due to internal issues from their existing motor supplier

As a result of efforts put in for 2 months, "Amotic Technology" succeeded in completing motor mold design and submitting prototypes that got approved by Mr. Urs and his Engineering department in early May, 2016.

Taking this project for Mr. Urs as an example, "Amotic Technology" expects to provide customers worldwide with motor products of the same high quality and to establish long-term strategic supply chain relationships with them.