Amotic Technology
About Us

We are a professional manufacturer of miniature electric motor design and manufacturing factory with more than 18 years’experience and annual capacity of 10 million sets of miniature motors. We provide products and services to all of our customers around the world in Europe, North America, Oceania, East Asia, and Middle East Asia. We have been a supplier for some of the world’s famous brands.

Besides miniature electric motors, we also specialized in designing and manufacturing plastic injection and metal die casting molds to produce custom precision plastic and metal parts for our customers worldwide. Furthermore, we have expanded our business into custom membrane switches,graphic overlays, and labels to react to customers’ requests and demands.

We have advanced production process control systems that can efficiently and sufficiently support our OEM & ODM services provided to customers. In the OEM service, we have an advanced NPI process control system to ensure that each product has consistently high quality. 

In the ODM service, we provide prototyping and industrial design services to accelerate the developing processes, to achieve higher success rate and better sample quality, and to reduce product development costs for customers.

With our great willingness, we work with customers through each stage of product development :

Design – Prototyping –First Article – Mass production – Continuous improvement  for all of our product categories as shown below to provide best turnaround lead time and to increase customer satisfaction.


Miniature Motors:

RO Water Pumps 

Vacuum Cleaner Motors 

Universal Motors (AC & DC Series Motors) 

AC& DC Brush Motors | Permanent Magnet Motors (PMDC Motors)

Brush-less DC Motors (BLDC Motors) 

Stepping Motor, Hybrid Stepping Gear Motors and Controller.


Custom Membrane Switches, Graphic Overlays,and Labels:

Non-tactile, Tactile, and Mixed Membrane Switches 

PCB Backed Membrane Switches 

LED Back lighting , EL Lamp 

Overlay, Label,Metal Nameplates

Rubber & Metal Keypads 

Metal photo Barcode Labels 

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards


Custom Precision Metal Parts manufactured by CNC Machining,Stamping,Die Casting,Forging process. With best industrial, consumption & military grade products surface finishes: Anodizing,Hard Anodizing,Powder Coating,Painting,Electrical Plating,Chrome Plating,Screen Printing,Polishing.


Custom Precision Plastic Parts manufactured by Injection Molding,Compression Molding,Rotational Molding, In-Molding Decoration,Multi-Material Injection Molding.

We are looking forward to providing best quality of products and service to customers, as long term partner and solid back support to help customer toward success.

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